Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finals? But what of the kittens?

"Surely you could study later"

More on the Trading Tax. UBB ponders some implications on the size of the financial sector and the trading tax. Mainly, if it would even stop "speculation" as opposed to "investment", and the disturbing thought that the financial sector is exactly the right size for a globalized economy.

For Every Action... The Epicurean Dealmaker ponders the UK's new tax on bonuses and a windfall tax for GS. Also, whoopie cushions.

Captain Blackbeard's College of Piracy
— Ye Olde Course Catalogue, Spring '10.

Two from Felix "I can't believe my last name is Salmon and why am I wearing a purple suit" Salmon:

Information consumption charts of the day.

Why homes are not investments. As someone previously on the frontlines of both the housing and investments war, I have a sympathy to Salmon's view, insofar as homes were thought too much as an investment. They are, more rightly, a store of value that, when maintained, tends not to depreciate like, say, a 1993 Ford Taurus.

the geography of a recession. by latoya egwuekwe

By contrast, other news organizations have trouble with percentages

Negotiate Anything. Lifehacker. One should, I believe, attempt to skim lifehacker at least once a fortnight.

The Next Bubble. Kedrosky worries about the collapsing bubble in books about the financial crisis.

The Persistence of Poverty. with Rortybomb's thoughts and a discussion of increasing marginal utility.

Did Subjectivity Play a Role in CDO Credit Ratings? Your SSRN paper du jour.

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