Friday, September 25, 2009

What peaches and what penumbras!

File under: living the dream via creative accounting. 37SIGNALS VALUATION TOPS $100 BILLION AFTER BOLD VC INVESTMENT. (37signals) Hat tip ccq

Datablog. I expect y'all to have this put in two way tables by wednesday.

Do financial advisors improve portfolio performance? VoxEu. Given my previous job, this is of particular interest to me. In the middle of the financial crisis, we had to balance the clients desire to move to cash versus the difficulty of timing the markets. Considering the risk, and ease, of moving accounts, the collective will of clients won. So, an advisor may not fully mitigate the irrationality of the retail investor (and let us not discuss the irrationality of advisors, for we are human, mostly).

Alternative Investments, Illiquidity, and Endowment Management. Liquidity was, especially in our office, the main concern of clients. Of course, estimating proper levels of liquidity is one of those "rational actors determining self interest" things that behavioural economics likes to point out that we're really bad at.

Vanity Fair posts another few thousand words on TARP. The belief that no good financial journalism exists in the world is pretty dumb.

File under: Posts I'm linking to because I have the humor of a 7th grader. Meat Trends. Of course, the point of the excerpt is brilliant. Maybe Malthus can still be right.

Over half a million strategic defaulters in 2008. Felix. Financially savvy people most likely to default strategically. In other news, clouds are fluffy, water wet.

There Are No Villains in Financial Crises. Megan.

Further debates on Securitization: Felix picks on Zubin. Zubin responds

okay, time for me to get back to spreadsheets and other

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