Sunday, September 27, 2009

09/27/09 a detached sleepily indifferent smile, a wanderer's smile...

As we recover from bonfires and spreadsheets, slowly peeking to observe the shape of the next two weeks, you may hear a collective gasp. It seems the intrawebs have noticed as well:

Such moments lead to, well, we surely can't call it quiet reflection, but lets take some links to sooth the incessant mutterings of doubt:

The rising cost of MBAs: Overpriced or priceless? Economist. Opps. Maybe the wrong article for this week.

Top 100 MBA employers. CNN Money. There you go. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Top 100 Global Venture Capitalists. Red Herring.

Time to end our deluded obsession with club managers. FT. Another salvo in the longstanding debate as to what matters: institutional structure or individual leadership. See also, Do CEOs Matter? We should also note that Billy Bean is falling on hard times. Of course, Warren Buffet lost money last year as well.

The Urban Diet. Felix "I can't believe my last name is Salmon" Salmon. I could argue that the calories lost due to my increased walking and more careful eating is mitigated by the whiskey which helps keep the fog at bay.

Most of today's links are stolen from The BizDeansTalk Blog. It was the PR guru Mitchell Friedman who directed me to the site.

Back to the books.

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