Thursday, October 1, 2009

10/01/09 a skilful uncouth prison, a precise clumsy prison

Vanilla is a commodity. Interfluidity. I am confused as to if this applies to retail accounts, or merely loans and other things. We HAD a $10 per month account which was the hardest thing on earth to sell to people (though like silver tongued hucksters we did). The other thing that I would observe is that if we are supposed to be moving from the big mega banks to a "big enough to fail" model is that if you push margins down, you'll make it harder for the smaller institutions to exist.

Wrekin ruby’s £11m value falls like a stone. FT. (Hat Tip: CWS). File under: Assets, value of. Accounting, Hinky.

Goldman Sachs launches recruiting drive. If you dream, dream big, vampire squid wrapped around the face of America.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Naked Shorting But Were Afraid To Ask. Clusterstock. I rarely read Clusterstock anymore, mainly because they bury you in a quantity of posts of dubious quality. This I will never do to you, dear reader, in so far as I find it taxing enough to subject you to the tiny amount of substandard posts I currently do.

Sleep is a kludge. HT: Economists do it with models.

Never Say Never. The Epicurean Dealmaker. The ED is the cream of econoblogging: knowledgeable, witty, insightful, funny, biting. He has a billion post series on Compensation right now. Its . . . amazing.

I suspect I will sleep most all of friday, and then into accounting post haste.

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