Monday, October 19, 2009

10.19.09 “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we can expect our dinner..."

John Cassidy's article in the New Yorker on the Behavioral basis for booms and busts. Related, from John Carney, Why Wall St Always Blows It.

Andrew Ross Sorkin on the financial collapse. NPR. He's doing the rounds for his most recent book, some of which is excerpted to vanity fair here.

Brazil Foreign Investment Tax Risks Harming Local Capital Markets, as was mentioned in our finance class today.

John Carney on shorting and naked shorting (reposted). Of course, short selling was banned for a few weeks at the height of the financial crisis last year. Barry Ritholtz has no kind words about it. And Paul Kedrosky examines some of the papers that came out analyzing the effect of the ban. In short "market quality decreased, spreads widened and volatility worsened in non-shortable names."

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