Monday, October 5, 2009

10/05/09 Dire one and desired one, Savior, sentencer

Financial Innovation as a Tax. Modeled Behavior. More on the Financial Innovation problem, complexity tax, Lemons, and who assumes the long tail risk.

How I Became a Keynesian. TNR. Richard Posner. POSNER?!?! HT, Crooked Timber, I think. I am bad at this blogging thing.

Are the Humanities in a Bubble? Now, I love bashing my former bastion of the academe as much as the next MBA-with-three-feet-of-Foucault-on-the-bookshelf, but trying to tell me that a PHD in Classics is an unsecured liability and thus SUBPRIME! DERIVATE! SPECULATION! is well, a bit incongruous. Sure the terms are right but the deployment is wrong. I often return to the following: Market prices convey a whole lot of information. Sometimes they know more than you, sometimes they don't. The problem is just what information are they conveying, and how are actors valuing the importance of said information. Avoiding wearing a tie for 40 years may, for some, be an adequate medium of compensation for most of those involved in the current academe bubble. Lord knows it wasn't for me.

From the "when do sign ups for class begin" file: Fights broke out as law students queued for up to 11 hours last night to secure the dissertation supervisor of their choice at Brunel University.

From the "Marketing" file: Moo Cards.

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