Saturday, February 6, 2010

02.06.10 The proper spread on a proper pint

Articles from the WSJ, as suggested by professor Blakely:

Mon. 2/1
“Deficit to Hit All-Time High”
“Obama to Skip Annual EU Summit”
“Emerging States Lead Dados Talk”
“The Ticker”

Tues. 2/2
“Data Hit Hopeful Notes for Economy”
“Deficit Balloons Into National-Security Threat”
“U.S. Move Sows Confusion in EU”
“Deficit Policy: Waiting for Growth”

Wed. 2/3
“Home Ownership Rate Declines”
“China Bank Slapped”
“Australian Bank’s Rate Call Reflects Chinese Influence”

Thurs. 2/4
“EU Warily Support Greece’s Deficit-Reduction Plan”
“Bernanke’s Exit Strategy: Tighter Reserve Requirements”
“Painful Productivity Pickup Promises Payoff”

Fri. 2/5
“Global Markets Shudder”
“Cost of Insuring Debt Alarms Investors”
“Debt Crunch Pressures Euro”
“Rising U.S. Job Worries Add to Upheaval”
“China Escalates Fight Over Western Tarrifs”
“Sovereign Risk Meets Sovereign Reality”

Sat. 2/6
“Signs of Hope as Jobless Rate Falls”
“Opinions Split on Job Creation”
“Consumers Keep Brakes on Borrowing”
“China’s Export Focus Breeds Backlash”
“Euro Drops on Debt Worries”

Update. The economist links for this week:

Geopolitics: Facing up to China
America’s budget: Clueless in Washington
Argentina’s reserves: Central Bank robbery
Greece’s sovereign-debt crisis: A very European crisis
Buttonwood: Stimulating debate

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