Sunday, February 21, 2010

2.21.10 Marginal Propensity to Peruse

Going on Tilt: What Will Stop Chindia’s Growth? Kedrosky.

Why is Latin America poor? More evidence for coercion and commodities.

Reality be Damned. Unraveling the Chicago School of Economics.

Why export growth isn't a necessary condition for a sustained expansion. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative.

Ummm, Dr. Krugman? Modeled Behavior.

Revealed: Goldman Sachs’ mega-deal for Greece. From 2003, as recently re-reported by everybody else, poorly.

Invincible Markets Hypothesis. Rajiv Sethi

estimated multipliers for portions of the ARRA

d squared on when to trust a statistics major

Context may diminish art appreciation, especially for modern art.

Why was the industrial revolution British? all economics.

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