Sunday, February 7, 2010

02.07.10 Post-Modern Theories of Central Banks

Interest rate targeting as a social construction. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative. Up next, Lacanian Mirror State and the Flow of Funds Model.

d short's newest graph: The Road To Recovery. d short.

Is the International Role of the Dollar Changing? NY Fed.

For the marketing majors: What's more persuasive: fiction or non-fiction? Barking up the wrong tree. The takeaway: Bonding with characters makes people lower their guard.

When you can deduct the cost of your MBA. NYTimes

If a 10-pound note is lying on the ground in Davos, will a billionaire pick it up?

An Historical Look at the Budget

Brad DeLong linked to a very old post he did about the Keynesian Counter Revolution, which basically melded both Monetary Theory and Keynesian Theory, but the site is intermittent.

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